Cloud CFDI

CloudCFDI is a Mexican company that enables companies billing and stamping through its on-demand service, it's a platform differentiated in it's industry due to the type of documents it can manage.

CloudCFDI wanted to improve the integrity of your information, ensuring it is safeguarded in a more secure, modern way and has better availability. CloudCFDI was already a client of Lumston since the its initial site and database were hosted in an EC2 instance. CloudCFDI's team requested more specific database services, Lumston offered the RDS service suggesting dividing the application and data hosting in 2 so that a more modern and efficient service would be used.


Partner Solution

CloudCFDI improved its performance by dividing the application server and database, reducing ringing times to be 2 times faster. This also lead to increased durability since automatic backups are maintained and availability is improved. These was specially beneficial because the database is in different availability zones, and it's tolerant of the failure of one of them. Completing this project it can now support an increase of up to 30% in ring generation without the need to increase any resources.

Partner Solution